- Brand Story -

Blue Sea Food Group Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Qianghui International Trading Co., Ltd. It was engaged in the import of frozen seafood and frozen seafood in 2013; It is an enterprise that integrates development, production, sales, import and export, and has completed brand registration with the National Trademark Administration; Blue Sea Food Source Direct Mining maintains long-term trade cooperation with Russia, Denmark, Norway, and others; Through a comprehensive supply chain system, chain store cash register system, and inventory system, we can connect the global seafood source directly, providing fresh, safe, and reliable seafood products when the sky arrives at the store.

In 2020, Blue Sea Food Global Seafood Experience Store will be built to open a new retail mode, online shopping, offline experience, provide consumers with instant services, and realize the "look, click, and reach" consumption experience through the platform (WeChat Mall, Tiktok, Meituan, Hunglemai, etc Shanxi, Liaoning, Hunan, Hainan and other regions are expected to have over 2000 companies nationwide by the end of 2024.

- The Sky Blue Sea Ecology Blue Sea Food -

Through the "Healthy Life Sustainable Development Plan", Blue Sea Food strives to maintain Balance of nature and achieve sustainable development
It is a sustainable and responsible way to bring safety, health, and delicacy to sashimi enthusiasts.

Name | Xiaolan
Birthday | May 22th
Position | Chief Quality Control Officer of Blue Sea Food
Personality | Professional, upright, patriotic, dedicated, honest, and friendly
A catchphrase | Salmon Sashimi, a cool and cozy Blue Sea Food shop
Hobbies | Swimming, studying the way to eat salmon and seafood sashimi, I can't help but drool when I see my favorite salmon

- The 7 Cultures of Blue Sea Food -

Strictly adhere to Blue Sea Food corporate culture

Brand strength

Relying on the "Blue Sea Food" brand, the group plans to establish a national chain store of three types of seafood thorns around the new retail model, with thorns as its main product. The group provides one-stop services such as financial management, recruitment support, operational support, brand promotion, and supply chain system management; Eliminating issues such as financial difficulties, chaotic accounting, and delayed supply of goods for chain stores; To provide a beautiful feast for many thorny enthusiasts, while also providing high-quality projects for entrepreneurs.

Service idea

Sincere, enthusiastic, friendly, polite, and wholehearted service.
Meeting the needs of exceeding customers; Make every customer's value for money.

- Changes in store image -

From the beginning to the present, step by step to today